When the Cosmos Comes Calling

Answer your damn phone

Audrey Wells
5 min readApr 28, 2022


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I do.

Regularly and often.

Even when it doesn’t stop the shit from hitting the fan.

Pro tip: Your cosmic karma will only leave so many messages because you’re too busy to answer before it does something pretty fucking dramatic to cut through all your brilliance and denial.

I survived a Global Pandemic, an Illegal Eviction, and a Santa Ria Curse

And all I got for my trouble was Sacramento’s version of an illegal yet court-sanctioned Squid Game.

It’s called Pay to Play, and it’s not for the faint of heart or bank account.

I’m thinking I lost so hard, so fast, and so epically because my ability to smell a human rat has never been that great if I’m being honest.

And the fact that on an average day in my prior means of survival by peddling junk — on your best day you’re either going to be the rat, the cheese — or both.

Need I say more?

So by the time I’d reached January 2019 after 25+ years of brick and mortar and online-proprietressing while surviving a 5-alarm fire that nearly wiped out my entire inventory in October 2018.

Rallying what I could muster I pushed my body, mind, and financial limits to the brink because I wanted to be DONE.

And all I planned for and thought I needed was two SHORT years to wrap it all up and be done for good.

Fringe on the Boulevard preaching peace, love, and good vibes only!

Not only was I fixing to wrap things up but I was determined to enjoy my last two years as in The Business by insisting all transactions, and client interactions are apropos of nothing less than rainbows and mother-effing unicorns until my lease was up in January 2021.

Unfortunately, this naive heart and mindset may have been my downfall or grace, depending on how you look at it.

Del Paso Boulevard and its underserved community of Section 8 housing, long-time businesses, and residents, some since the 1930s, are…



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