Audrey Wells
1 min readJan 31, 2024


mon dieu, i can't take this shit, sister!

the moon has been my best friend since childhood.

our friendship bore from traversing the country multiple times from the backseat of my parents' red Ford Galaxy 500 with the black leather hardtop— my loyal dog, Toto at my side.

Oh sigh, the fate of an only child whose father served in the Air Force–USAFB assignments and transfers came often and with short notice.

cross-country drives started at sunrise and almost always ended well past sunset until the first mostly decent, well-lit roadside motel glowed VACANT from the dusty road we traveled.

gazing out the window as the dark miles sped by my moon followed our Ford without fail—from wherever we were to wherever we were goingbecause that's what best friends do, c'est vrai?

mommy, the man in the moon is following me! to which she replied with authority, that's the Rabbit in the Moon, Odori, and he's making mochi for us to eat at our new home.

"Rising above a minimal landscape of reeds and clouds, a rabbit is silhouetted against the moon, busy at work using a mortar and pestle. In Japanese folklore, a mystical hare who inhabits the moon mashes ingredients for mochi, a traditional rice-flour cake. Japanese artist Mori Ippo (1798–1871) used ink and light color on silk to create this auspicious image associated with the celebration of a new year." --- New Orleans Museum of Art

the bloody nerve of astronauts and earthlings!

always in sisterhood, mon ami.




Audrey Wells

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