Audrey Wells
2 min readJan 23, 2024



as a caren fan-girl, it's been hard for me to push back on biden bashing.

you and others make sensible and worthy points in that regard.

here's where i get stuck however.

i see the current state of the country TODAY, smack dab in the middle of liminal space.

as a country we've jumped the shark from anything we thought we knew about how democracy 'works'... to something so inconceivable our leadership teeters on the brink of a Stephen King novel or an episode of Black Mirror.

unless nikki haley is the GOP [another institution ripe for instinction] nominee... i can't fix my mind to accept that the country, much less registered democrats [which is still represented by a contingency of us BOOMERS and ELDER BOOMERS albeit waning... yet reliable voters] are primed or prepared this election year, to try something unfamiliar, no matter how NEW AND IMPROVED it may be [and it could be... i have no doubt about that].

but expecting this barge, the USS AMERICA to navigate a sharp left turn ever, not to mention in the midst of a 5 storm is not only unllikely but dangerous.

if fukking Captain Underpants is the republican's 2024 nominee, a horrifying likelihood, wouldn't it make more sense to not throw Biden out with the bathwater?

yes, he ran in 2020 saying he wouldn't seek a second term yet HERE WE ARE... on the brink of being steamrolled by a potential convicted fukking felon with legions of kool-aid chugging cult members and political criminals holding office ready to take down democracy and everything it's meant to represent... is this really the best time to inroduce a fresh new face?

wouldn't a party makeover from the 'head' down be more effective?

we're the party at the wheel TODAY, and while Biden alone may not be the sea-worthy captain to navigate the country out of this shitstorm—he's not a wild card AND better to show and sell that he's surrounded by the people, places, and policies that represent THE FUTURE we must adapt to or perish.

in the meantime, the Dems in power best sharpen their pickers and use the next critical 4 years to get their fukking shit and priorities together by priming the country's voters for 'that fresh new face' whoever he/she/they may be in 2028.

would love your take on my two cents, miss caren. i have a lot of respect and affinity for your keen mind and sharp takes but bouncing Biden at this incredulous juncture just feels wrong to this ol' biddy.





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