Audrey Wells

"Booths too, with cracked vinyl seats. "

quelle horreur, mon ami!

c'est domage, dammit.

i wasn't expecting Waffle House, Denny's or IHOP to litter topography of france, italy, or portugal... but your charming and honest essay has me quaking in my after-hours grunge.

i have hard-won and celebrated history in greasy-spoons and no bullshit dives on both coasts of 'amurica'... and to think of bidding adieu, adios, or ciao to my low-brow [and COMFORT FOOD & ITS CAST OF CHARACTERS... moi included] makes me shudder.

i need to 'digest' this... before i do something rash.

great piece... horrifyingly enlightening as it were.





thanks for this, hubbs.

i've had my own dark night saga... and considering i'm more of the devil-may-care, walkabout-type, the way through is my only way up and out... something my father who's birthday would be TODAY, 8/1...after losing him suddenly and unexpectedly including legions of people, places, and things over the last several years.

your raw and always authentic pieces is another sign from the cosmos it's time to spread my wings and bruised heart and live for what's next.

wish i had your speed, discipline, and fortitude, but i am who i am while women like you will inspire me to level up beyond my comfort zone.

thanks for being a gift from the heavens on this bittersweet day.

and YOU GOT THIS [just sayin']... hardly a newsflash... but by rooting for you... i get a contact high and then some.




with the audio of the gunshots—moritying.

a herd of cowards.

or sheep—but that's giving them too much credit.

a flock of fledgling Dudley Do-Wrongs... more concerned with thei own health, safety, and self-preservation.

my heart is with the parents and families and the children and teachers whose faith was held hostage by a group of man-babies and armed morons who posture rather than protect the oaths they swore to protect and serve the community they failed.

i hope they live with the weight and consequence of their public spinelessness the rest of their god-forsaken, lily-livered lives.



sage advice from one of my favorite ex-pats and fellow-wizened woman.

i've read the farewells myself.

they've often hailed from writers i enjoyed reading so the long good-byes had me curious.

in fact... there were times i'd think dammit! medium's just not the same anymore. what am i doing here.. i should leave, too.

then it would occur to me... you daft old broad... you haven't published for bloody months not to mention you got to 'the medium' a gnat's hair prior to its so-called untimely demise... WhyTAF. girl?!?

so yep.

i'll stick around, as well.

until i'm publishing [way] more than responses to a handful of writers i've taken a shine to [you among them]... i got no reason to leave and even less to squawk about.

[at least regarding 'the medium' that is!]



bon santé!



ask any died in the wool disc-era survivor for that answer.

however, i'd avoid the old chestnuts marinating in the past and fantasizing the future.

i know this because i'm one tough ol' nut and it ain't all that, my friend.

that gnawing, gaping hole needs a hug only you can give it.

sounds pretty lame, doesn't it?

i know. i thought so too.

on the other hand, you're still a spring-chicken... but the gap between that and crotchety old rooster closes exponentially faster with age.

especially in the mean ol' world we're living in today.

i know. i've been running the same marathon—going for the gold for at least a couple decades longer than you.

pro-tip... it never ends.

no medals. no kiss. no KY.

but if you're asking the hard questions, i'd put money on you finding the hard answers.

:-) <3



Audrey Wells

Audrey Wells

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