and we are all going off the deep end.

we're all human/earthlings as far as i know.

i highlighted the hell out of it only not this one.

i know i've been screaming about this craven-greed and need for MORE attention, money, privilege, you name-it-toxic-shit a while i, for one won't blame myself for that $500 talking haircut.

#SCREAMyourlungsout2023 and #dosomething2023




thank you.

one of the best pieces i've read on life with and without booze.

i'm still drawn to blurring the edges... only once i realized why... i was able to give myself a fucking break.

my relationship w/alcohol isn't nearly as complicated, dark, and twisted as the relationship with myself.

until i get that sorted—with or without a drinky-poo or two [or three. or more.]—i'm among the walking wounded.

for me, knowing that THAT is the real battle and not as much the bottle—i can give myself a shot [no pun intended :)] at thriving, not just surviving this ever-challenging yet beautiful experience called life.



god bless your coffee-worshipping spirituality.

to date i've found that profound experience from pubs and a variety of dives and glorified fern bars.

i've never felt the urge to speed up [and i see no point in decaf?] so that may have been the disconnect.

thanks for gifting me the urge to slow the fuck down.

i've written that caffeine gives me hope.


what's that if not slamming coffee like dope fiend and not the always recovering addict i think i am?


good grief and gratitude.





Audrey Wells

i’m on a quest. just like y’all. #WEareALLinTHIS2gether ❤